The ability to identify and characterize the best reservoirs including those that offer additional upside which are not currently recognized by other operators, and is therefore undervalued or not valued at all Throne’s strength — evidenced by its track record — is the proprietary technical and analytical approach developed by Allen Howard, and supported by a world-class team, that allows Throne to identify Tier 1 resource plays.

The capability to secure oil and gas interests from overlooked areas by:
(1) direct leasing,
(2) favorable deals with industry players or
(3) acquisitions resulting from bankruptcies and other liquidity issues.
The Throne team has over 100 years of combined acquisition experience that has created a top-tier network in the oil and gas
Industry. The Throne team members have transacted on over $40 billion in oil and gas deals in the past 10 years.

The experience and operational expertise to deliver on the potential of these properties to maximize investment returns. The Throne team has drilled, completed and operated over 500 horizontal wells in Permian and Eagleford plays. In the Eagleford alone, asset value was created by increasing production from 2,000 BOE/D to over 50,000 BOE/D.